The stand-alone drinking water production at any spot in the world, no matter what is the quality of the incoming water. With 13 consecutive purification stages, this mobile solution represents all the processes performed at a drinking water plant, providing safe, soft, and healthy to drink water.

Any source of water
Fast production of clean drinking water from wells, open sources like lakes, rivers, ponds, and brackish water.

Instant deployment
13 stages of water treatment technologies are packed in the size of a standard 20 ft container that can be mounted as far as 20 meters high,100 meters away from any available water source and launched immediately.

Over 10 years of operation
Robust and tamper-proof self-sufficient construction of the container protects the high-end equipment against the weather and other threats. It is ideal as a temporary or permanent solution for drinking or tap water supply.

Requires minimal maintenance
User-friendly plug-and-play installation with minimized maintenance costs. Operated without professional support. It can be equipped with a solar panel and satellite connection. Remote control through encrypted internet traffic allows the monitoring of all system indicators from anywhere in the world.


Containerized drinking water purification system suits for

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