AQUAPHOR softeners are an advanced alternative to the classic whole-home water softeners. The solution is exceptionally efficient, with low salt consumption and small amount of water needed for regeneration.

AQUAPHOR S550 contains 15 L of chlorine resistant ion exchange resin. It is a popular solution for hard water treatment — both in cottages and in city apartments. It is an ultra compact system, so there's no need for a separate utility space. Moreover, it perfectly fits under the kitchen sink.

Salt savings up to 60%
Thanks to the unique tank design and extra-fine ion-exchange resin, salt efficiency is maximized.

2-in-1: water softening & iron removal
Removal of high concentration of Fe (up to 15 mg/L concentration in water) and hardness salts.

Exceptionally small water usage for regeneration
The innovative, patented Dual Core Valves of the AQUAPHOR softener assure long-term trouble-free performance whilst wasting minimal amount of water.

10-year warranty for the main parts
The high-strength thick wall made of homogeneous glass-filled composite will serve over 10 years, while classic columns typically serve less than 5 years.

Low maintenance
In addition to low salt consumption of the system, ion-exchange resin lasts 10 times longer that in typical water softeners.

Operates efficiently even at very low tap pressure

Fully recyclable body and tank

NSF certified

Aquaphor S550 suits for


• Simultaneous removal of iron, manganese and hardness
• Efficient operation even at very low tap pressure
• Optional KDF pre-filtration disc for hydrogen sulfide removal

Aquaphor S550 Technical specification

Maximum Capacity, gram1 044
Maximum Compensated Hardness, mg/L 840
Maximum Ferrous Iron Reduction, ppm*10
Minimum pH, standard units7
Water & Ambient Temperature Minimum-Maximum, °C 4°-49°
Water Pressure Minimum - Maximum, bar 1,4 - 7
Maximum Flow Rate to Drain During Regeneration, L/min**7,6
Service Flow Rate (@1.0 bar) drop, L/min***20,8
Pressure Drop (@22.7 L/min), bar1
Capacity in HE mode, kg salt/gram hardness0.6 / 392
HE salt saving mode, min/l17 / 49
Capacity in HC mode, kg salt/gram hardness1.8 / 821
High capacity HC mode, min/l23 / 63
Maximum capacity in AU mode, kg/g3.3 / 1 044
AU maximum capacity mode, min/l30 / 75
Controller TypeMetered
Regeneration Methodintelligent, by water meter
Electrical Rating12VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.015 kW-hr
Plumbing Connections (NPT)1 inch male (MNPT)
Minimum Drain Line ID, cm)1.6
Media Tank Size - (ID x Height), cm26.7 x 27.7
Height, cm55.4
Footprint, cm32.2 x 43.2
Shipping Weight - approx., kg35
Fine Mesh Resin, l15
Drain Line (Minimum I.D.)5/8 inch (1.6 cm)
Brine & Rinse total, l/min2.8
Brine Draw, l/min0.9
Rinse, l/min1.9

Use clean white pellet, cube-style, or solar salt.

* Iron reduction to 0.3 ppm or less.
** Flow rate of flow must be verified at the end of the drain line.
***Prolonged operation of a water soſtener at flow rates exceeding 20.8 l/min may compromise performance. Intermittent flow rate must not exceed 35.2 l/min.
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