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Корпус предфильтра Аквафор Гросс 10"

Made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, GROSS pre-filter housings has high-pressure resistance and a convenient swivel bracket. It can be equipped with Big Blue 20" standard (508 mm) filtration cartridge. Filter replacement process is greatly simplified by the quick release mount.

GROSS pre-filters are used in commercial applications to protect fine purification systems from sand, rust, silt, and other impurities.

Technical specification


Made from high-quality Noryl plastic, AQUAPHOR pre-filters can work in a wide range of temperatures and withstand enormous pressure. Despite all this power, they are very compact in size.

Pre-filters remove large insoluble impurities from tap water, including sand, rust, and silt. They extend the life cycle of AQUAPHOR filters as well as of your appliances, plumbing, and pipes for cold and hot water by protecting them from dirt and mechanical damage.


— Heavy-duty glass fiber filled polymer housing
— Resistance to high temperatures
— Excellent resistance to water hammers
— The quick-release "American" mount does not require tools for module replacement
— Set of -inch metal fittings for easy connection
— The convenient bracket allows changing the direction of water entry and exit with a single motion
— Easy to change filter cartridges


— High hydrophilicity resulting in high flow and low pressure drop in the filter
— High dirt holding capacity due to 100% usage of the filter volume
— AQUALEN fibers signifi cantly decrease level of heavy metals and iron


Dynamic Fixation of Silver

DFS technology is the original method of applying silver in its most active ionic form to Aqualen fibers.

Aqualen ™

Aqualen is a unique fibrous chelating ion-exchange sorbent. Aqualen irreversibly binds heavy metal ions. It has superior adsorption capacity. Aqualen sorption surface area is 33 times larger than that of the conventional ion-exchange sorbents. It is equally eff ective in water of any hardness.

CarbFiber Block

CarbFiber Block (CFB) is a manufacturing technology of water filtration media with different degrees of porosity and is designed for water of any pollution level.

Specification and Performance

B510-12100 mm x 254 mm5 microns0,2 bar & 7,5 Lpm24 000 LNANA
B520-12100 mm x 508 mm5 microns0,2 bar & 15 Lpm48 000 LNANA
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