Compact, energy-saving, and highly efficient water purifier for households, restaurants, hotels, and other small businesses. APRO patented dual pump technology carefully purifies water and keeps operation costs low.

Eco-friendly: minimum waste and extremely energy saving
A patented AI system controls high-frequency drainage providing exceptionally high permeate recovery (up to 95%) minimizing associated waste. At the same time, a high-flow yet low-energy use recirculation pump saves up to 50% of energy.

Smart Remineralization System
Smart Remineralization system provides purified water with minerals ensuring the great taste of the water.

Provides great coffee flavor
Nano Purity 120 systems carefully remove all the impurities that affect the taste of a drink. At the same time, the water is provided with the necessary minerals that are essential for a rich coffee flavor.

Less antiscalant is needed
Computer-controlled high-frequency drainage lets the system work either without antiscalant or using the reduced volumes.

Space-saving design

Nano Purity 120 подходит для

Дополнительные преимущества

Еще несколько причин, почему эта высокотехнологичная система будет приносить пользу вашему проекту или бизнес-задаче

Полностью автоматическая работа
Долгий срок службы мембраны
Экономичная работа
Простота в обслуживании
Plug & Play (автоматическая настройка)
Эффективная предфильтрация по запатентованной технологии

Technical specification of Nano Purity 120

MODELNano Purity 120
Permeate Flow, LPH
Membrane Quantity
Membrane type
Prefiltration membrane
Adjustable mineralization
Max inlet TDS, ppm
Reduction of salt content, %
Up to 95% (before remineralization)
System recovery, %
Input pressure, bar
Power supply
230VAC/24VDC (AC/DC adapter is installed)
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Sizing (inlet, outlet, concentrate)
3⁄8”/ ”/ ” 3G
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