Eco-friendly 1000 LPH (liter per hour) solution for multipurpose whole-home RO water purification that fits houses or commercial applications. Inexpensive, practical APRO-1000-WH water purifier replaces cheaper to buy, but more expensive to use water softeners.

APRO-1000-WH is a sustainable option to salt-emitting softeners for households and small municipal entities thanks to its innovative membrane anti-clogging system, powered by two energy-saving pumps. We introduce patented high-frequency drainage system. Two inexpensive pumps together create a fast-circulating flow with up to 50% energy savings compared to one much more expensive pump is a classic system.

Whole house reverse osmosis systems ensure that your entire home is free from any traces of water hardness, salts, chemicals, and such modern pollutants such as hormones, medicinal residues and micro/nano plastic.

Technical specification of APRO-1000-WH

MODELAP.RO-1000-WHAP.RO-1000-WH (with optional cabinet)
Permeate Flow, LPH10001000
Membrane Quantity44
Production of clean water LPH1 0001 000
Reduction of salt content, %Up to 95%Up to 96%
System recovery, %Up to 95%Up to 95%
Membrane type4 x 40404 x 4040
Power supply220V, 50Hz230V, 50Hz
Dimensions, mm (L×W×H )830 × 520 × 1 600600 × 800 × 1 650
Accumulation tankExternal, 100 litersBuild in, 80 liters
Net weight, kg134175
Sizing (inlet, outlet, concentrate)1”/1 ⁄2 ”/1 ⁄2 ” NPTF (PB)1”/1 ⁄2 ”/1 ⁄2 ” NPTF (PB)
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