Water treatment for coffee brewing
Mok specialty coffee roastery and coffee bars
Belgium (Brussels, Leuven, Vilvoorde)
Key challenges
Equipment lime scaling
Unstable municipal
water quality
Inefficient RO & prefiltration of another producer
Coffee shops are in need of water purification:
- Untreated water leads to the breakdown of the coffee machine's heating element, which is a costly repair.
- Modern coffee enthusiasts pay increasing attention to the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water, as it significantly influences the taste.

In Belgium, municipal water is hard and its quality is unstalbe: its composition changing seasonally. MOK specialty coffee shops needed a stable solution to protect their equipment and control TDS. Previously, they used an alternative RO system that permanently had malfunctions and required an expensive repairing. Therefore, they turned to Aquaphor Professional for a reliable, low-cost maintenance solution
The solution: NP 80
  • • 0.8 m3/day
  • • Adjustable mineralization
  • • Computer control of TDS stability
  • • 0.8 m3/day
  • • Adjustable mineralization
  • • Computer control of TDS stability
Soft Water
Desired level
of minerals
Stable high quality
of Water
NP 80 Reverse Osmosis system is an affordable and energy-efficient way to protect expensive coffee machine while customizing the taste to user's preferences. Furthermore, the system's replacement modules (prefiltration cartridges and membrane) are highly durable, making it a cost-effective choice in terms of maintenance
Always stable taste
of coffee
Coffee machine is protected
from scaling
Reduced RO maintenance
costs x2 times
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