Whole-home & commercial water purifier. Eco-friendly and multipurpose whole-home RO station.
Affordable and practical water purifier for houses, small municipal entities or local businesses. Fully automatic all-in-one solution that replaces salt-emitting water softeners and cuts maintenance costs.

Can be used with any water
Purifies practically any tap or artesian well water up to 30 meq/L hardness and/or 10 mg/L iron.

Smart permeate recovery up to 95%
Patented, computer-controlled high-frequency drainage system. High-speed water recirculation. Drastic reduction of the wastewater volumes.

Drastic energy use reduction up to 50%
Extremely low energy consumption due to the combination of a small high-efficiency booster pump (up to 16 bar) and a recirculation pump.

Reduced consumption of antiscalants
The system works either without any antiscalant or with the reduced consumption of antiscalants.

Optional rainwater purification

Optional permeate water RO mineralization stage

Nano Purity 1200 suits for

Extra benefits

More reasons why this high technology solution gets along with your requirements

Fully automatic
Permeate recovery up to 99%
Extended membrane life
Easy maintenance
Space saving design
Low cost operation
High capacity patented pre-filtration

Technical specification of Nano Purity 1200

MODELNano Purity 1200
Permeate Flow, LPH1000
Membrane Quantity3
Mineralization moduleYes
Reduction of salt content, %Up to 95%
System recovery, %Up to 99%
Membrane type4 x 4040
Power supply230V, 50Hz
Dimensions, mm (L×W×H )600 x 800 x 1610
Accumulation tankBuild in, 80 liters
Net weight, kg202
Sizing (inlet, outlet, concentrate)1”/1 ⁄2 ”/1 ⁄2 ” NPTF (PB)
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