AP-EDI is a chemical-free electrodeionization system suitable for all inlet flow rates. The system provides safe ultrapure water that is perfect for laboratory & pharmaceutical applications. No chemicals are required for regeneration and the system is totally waste-free.

Feed Water Requirements

Feed Water SourceRO Permeate
Feed Water Conductivity / Equivalent including CO2< 40 µS/cm
Silica (SiO2)< 1 ppm
Iron, Mn, H2< 0.01 ppm
Total Chlorine (as Cl2)< 0.02 ppm
Hardness (as CaCO3)< 1.0 ppm
Dissolved Organics (TOC) (as C)< 0.5 ppm
Operating pH Range4 - 11

  • If any of the feed water parameters are not within the limits marked, consult Aquaphor Professional

Standard features of AP-EDI

Product flow, LPH100030005000
Product quality, MΩ-cm>10>10>10
Nominal recovery, %up to 95up to 95up to 95
Inlet pressure, bar2.5-52.5-52.5-5
Power supplysingle-phase 230V, 50Hzthree-phase 400V, 50Hzthree-phase 400V, 50Hz
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