Ultrapure water treatment for the hospital's laboratory
New South Wales, Australia
Key challenges
Outdated RO system
on place
<5 uS/cm required
water supply
~250 uS/cm inlet water

Hospital laboratories require ultrapure water for the precision of their conducted analyses. Our client, a major hospital in New South Wales, had an existing RO system consisting of multiple units. However, due to the discontinuation of certain components, an upgrade of the system became necessary.

Furthermore, the layout of the existing system did not readily facilitate redundancy in case of equipment failure. The previous system relied solely on proprietary spare parts, which posed challenges in terms of procurement and installation, consuming significant resources
The solution: 2 x APRO-MCR-100-DI Cabinet
  • • Up to 4.8 m3/daily
  • • Fully automatic
  • • All'in'all solution
  • • Up to 4.8 m3/daily
  • • Fully automatic
  • • All'in'all solution
<1 uS/cm type II
laboratory water
Uninterrupted supply

We provided a solution by offering two APRO DI-MCR 100 deionization systems, supplying the laboratory with ultrapure water (<1 uS/cm). Water production increased compared to the previous RO system, enabling the client to accommodate additional classes and future-proof the installation for more glass washers.

The implementation of these two systems has also enhanced redundancy, ensuring the customer can depend on a reliable water source
Fast installation & Simplified
Improved redundancy
Availability of spare parts
Space-saving design
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