Water treatment for isolated mountain resort
Amirsoy mountain resort
Tyan Shan mountains, Uzbekistan
Key challenges
Only water source
is a lake
Bacteria contamination
Up to 800 people (guests + personell)
in need of pure water
In the Tian Shan Mountains of Uzbekistan lies the year-round mountain resort of Amirsoy, which has no access to municipal water sources. Every day, up to 800 people (guests and staff) require clean water for drinking, cooking, and sanitary. The only local source of freshwater is a glacial lake. Despite the relatively low mineral content in this lake, it is contaminated with bacteria, as well as filled with mechanical pollutants
The solution: Containerized UF station
  • • 480 m3/day
  • • Fully automatic
  • • Remote control
  • • All-in-all solution
  • • 480 m3/day
  • • Fully automatic
  • • Remote control
  • • All-in-all solution
Zero suspended solids
The only continious source
of safe water
Aquaphor Professional has developed and manufactured containerized water purification station. Using a mountain glacier lake as a water source, the system produces 20 000 liters (5200 gallons) of pure drinking water per hour.

The system ensures that all resort facilities, guests, and personnel are provided with high-quality pure water 24/7
Low operation cost
Does not require
on-site service
Emergency mode -
40 m3/hour
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