Water purification for cosmetics production
Sano Cosmopharm
Israel, Emek Hefer
Key challenges
Municipal water
Extremely pure water
is required
Bacteria contamination
Pure water is a base for good quality of cosmetics. Besides the need to get precise and calculated water characteristics, it must be thoroughly treated to eliminate any kind of microbiological or chemical contamination. Cosmetics contain nutrients for both the skin and for bacteria. Improper sanitation may not only interfere with the production process but harm the overall safety of the manufactured goods
The solution: UF-RO
  • • 192 m3/day
  • • 80% recovery
  • • Plug&Play
  • • One-skid solution
  • • 192 m3/day
  • • 80% recovery
  • • Plug&Play
  • • One-skid solution
<40 uS/cm ultrapure
Eliminated risks of comsetics
Aquaphor Professional provided UF-RO solution. The combined result of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis provides high-quality water free from microbiological, chemical and physical contaminants. The maintenance of the system is low-cost and simplified and is performed by in-house team
Perfect texture
of cosmetic
Increased efficiency
of production
Easy maintenance
by in-house team
Low-cost of use
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