Whole-home brackish water treatment
Private household by Baltic sea
Sweden, Smådalarö
Key challenges
No access to municipal
High-cost of borehole
~7000 ppm Baltic
In Northern European countries, there are numerous island and peninsular settlements that lack access to municipal water sources. In such cases, residents either have water delivered to them, becoming dependent on external supplies, or they are offered well drilling services.

Drilling a well is a highly costly procedure, and furthermore, groundwater often requires additional treatment to remove salts. Another option remains: the purification of brackish water from the Baltic Sea, which surrounds the region
The solution: APRO HS 1500
  • • 36 m3/day
  • • 65% recovery
  • • Chloride resistant materials
  • • 36 m3/day
  • • 65% recovery
  • • Chloride resistant materials
<200 uS/cm pure
drinking water
Enough for the big family cooking
and utilities needs
The only continious
water source
The APRO HS 1500 is an efficient and cost-effective reverse osmosis system that provides a stable flow of purified drinking water. The purified water is sufficient to meet all the family's needs, including drinking, cooking, utilities, and irrigation. Additionally, household appliances are now protected from scale buildup. This system is a reliable source of pure drinking water for Baltic sea coastal communities
Cheaper than borehole drill
Home utilities are protected
from corrosion
Low-cost maintenance
of the system
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