Water purfication for open-field irrigation
Shabi Agrifarm
Israel, Arabah desert
Key challenges
3500 uS/cm well-water
40°C degrees in summer
Open-field production
in a desert
The Shabi Agrifarm company specializes in growing bell peppers in the Arabah desert, located a few kilometers south of the Dead Sea, where there is sunshine throughout the year.

The only water source is brackish borehole water (3500 µs/cm) from an aquifer situated 500 meters below the desert surface. This brackish water is unsuitable for irrigation because the salts it contains can clog the roots and leaf pores, hindering proper plant nutrition
The solution: APRO 6000 LPH
  • • 144 m3/day
  • • 80% recovery
  • • Fully Automatic
  • • Plug&Play
  • • 144 m3/day
  • • 80% recovery
  • • Fully Automatic
  • • Plug&Play
<100 uS/cm demineralized
irrigation water
Used in ""fog"" irrigation
Improved nutrition
of the plants
Utilizing the innovative "foggy" irrigation method and purified osmotic water from the APRO 6000 LPH system, the farm has witnessed a substantial boost in its crop yields. A single system covers an area of 4 hectares, leading to an impressive overall increase of +70% in crop production. Additionally, the fruits have grown larger and juicier, thanks to enhanced plant nutrition.

The maintenance of the APRO 6000 LPH system is straightforward and cost-effective, so the investment in the system pay off within a single season
+70% of harvest per hectare
+1 month of harvest season
Tastier, juicier peppers
Low cost maintenance
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