Water treatment for steam boiler
Dairy processing plant with steam boilers
Key challenges
Municipal water
<20 uS/cm water for steam
boiler is required
High energy cost
The quality of water for the steam boiler is crucial: unpurified water can lead to scale buildup inside the boiler, potentially causing malfunctions. Moreover, impurities from the water can enter the steam and affect the quality of the produced dairy products.

One of the biggest dairy processing plants in Poland requires 12 m3/hour of purified water with conductivity less than <20 uS/cm
The solution: APRO HC 15000
  • • 360 m3/day
  • • 99.7% salt rejection
  • • 360 m3/day
  • • 99.7% salt rejection
<9 uS/cm Ultralow
Reduced frequency
of boiler purge
<20 mg/l chloride content
Aquafor Professional provided one- skid solution APRO HC 15000 reducing the electrical conductivity to 9 uS/cm. Thanks to the purified osmotic water, the maintenance cost of the steam boiler has been reduced by 30%. Additionally, the frequency of boiler blowdowns has also decreased
Reduced energy and water
costs by 30%
Protection of steam
Low-cost maintenance
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