Containerized water purification system

Our RO and UF units can be joined to form a single-frame purification system that meets your requirement and assembled inside a container. A container serves as a mobile installation chamber, which limits access to the system and protects it from environmental impact.

Full containerized water treatment systems offer:

  • High-end components and technology;
  • Full redundancy — it has everything to operate;
  • Ease of installation and operation — Plug & Play purification unit.
  • Water- and power-efficient design — reduced costs of operation;
  • High purity permeate.

Key features

  • The containerized systems can be set up to almost any water inlet quality, with many permeate quality options
  • The containerized systems is a complete unit for water production at almost any required capacities
  • Intelligent automatic operation
  • Automatic Cleaning In Place program

The container includes

  • Complete dosing stations
  • Ultrafiltration pre-treatment systems
  • Double pass Reverse Osmosis systems
  • EDI polisher units
  • Mixed bed resin tanks
  • Analytical controllers and processes monitors
  • Main control and power cabinets

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