Reverse Osmosis systems

We design, manufacture and maintain a variety of reverse osmosis product lines for many industries and applications.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis technology

RO technology is the most effective and practical way to remove water hardness and reject bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from the water compared to any other systems.

Professional use of RO systems, which are vastly used by households, is even more logical since it can ensure precise water characteristics required for industrial or business applications:

  • Desalination of high-salinity water;
  • Preparation of high-purity water (e.g. injection water);
  • High contaminant treatment for drinking water;
  • Preparation of low conductivity water.

Advantages of Aquaphor reverse osmosis systems

Aquaphor Professional specializes in mass-production of commercial reverse osmosis systems with space-saving design and economic trouble-free operation.

The focus on purification excellence and reliability of our products allow us to serve the most demanding water needs, such as the clean water for major hospitals and injection water for dialysis centers, or supplying water for production lines of food and pharmaceutical concerns.

Aquaphor Professional RO product range

We offer a variety of Reverse Osmosis systems including custom solutions, for applications that require specific permeate qualities and volumes.

Double Pass RO systems

Our patented Double pass Reverse Osmosis systems, allow us to reach 99.9% decrease of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) while optimizing drainage water.

Standardized RO systems

We offer the economy product lines of standardized RO systems for permeate production capacities of 125-12000 lph, equipped with everything needed to start producing clean water onsite. The systems provide robust engineering, user-friendly interface, and easy operation while using high-quality components.

Large-scale Reverse Osmosis solutions

For commercial applications that require high volume clean water supply (i.e. semiconductor manufacturing) we offer consulting and development of 4,000 to 30,000 LPH UF-RO water purification systems.

Working along with the customer from early preliminary stages we showcase the 3D generated system fitted to the client's facility space in the designated installation area to provide a complete solution from simulation to manufacturing and operation.

UF-RO combined systems

All of our RO systems can be equipped with the UF membrane pre-filter to form a single-frame UF-RO system. UF pre-filter extends the effective life and efficiency of the RO membranes. Thanks to the PLC-coordinated fast UF backwash, the UF-RO system provides an uninterrupted supply of RO permeate to the end user and diminishing the cost of backwash water.

UF-RO systems have proven to work unattended and trouble free for the most challenging applications where traditional RO and other filtration processes (Multimedia, GAC, and micronic filtration) required expensive and time-consuming maintenance.

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