Reverse Osmosis systems

  • Seawater desalination, Sweden
    Municipality of the remote island opted for APRO desalination station to provide citizens with pure drinking water.
  • Laundry Without Detergents, Sweden
    Innovative no-detergent eco laundry operates on ultrapure water provided by APRO tailored solutions.
  • Reference laboratory, Bridgetown, Barbados
    UPW grade (ultrapure) water preparation for the laboratory with low maintenance and remote control.
  • Stocznia Remontowa, Gdansk, Poland
    Productive and trouble-free APRO water desalination system for fresh water needs of the shiprepair yard.
  • Agriculture: Shabi Agrifarm, Israel
    Low-cost operation APRO innovative irrigation & water purification system increased open-field bell pepper harvest by 70%.
  • Ilimo Dairy Farm, Papua New Guinea
    Low maintenance APRO water purification supplies water for production processes on a farm with more than 500 cows.
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